Make New Jersey More Affordable 

New Jersey simply isn’t affordable anymore. In Trenton, we will fight to stop the relentless increases on taxes, fees & tolls from Phil Murphy and his Trenton Democrats. We feel it every time we fill up our tanks, go to the grocery stores or get our property tax bills. We are determined to do all we can to reduce taxes to make it easier for our families to live here in New Jersey.

Bring Fiscal Responsibility To Trenton

For decades leaders in Trenton have recklessly wasted our tax dollars, increased state budgets & spending and raised our taxes to pay for it. It must stop! We will stand up against bloated budgets, wasteful spending and irresponsible fiscal policies that have plagued this state — and cost us, the taxpayers, billions of dollars.

Grow Our Economy

It is time we unleashed the potential of New Jersey’s economy. New Jersey should be an economic powerhouse — from our ports, higher education institutions, diversity, infrastructure, and ideal geographic location — New Jersey should be leading the way. Instead we’ve saddled businesses with the highest corporate tax rate, state sales tax rate & property taxes. We are committed to fighting to incentivize job creators instead of penalizing them.

Protect Our Constitutional & Parental Rights

The Governor and his Trenton Democrats have launched an assault on our Constitutional and parental rights. From overreaching COVID shutdowns, to vaccine & mask mandates to stomping on our 2a rights, they are trampling our rights and trying to tell us how to run our families. We know that parents, not government, will do what’s best for their kids and their families.

An Exceptional Education For Our Children

Nothing is more important than our children’s future and that starts by providing them an exceptional education. The last few years has been difficult on everyone, but COVID hit our children hardest — remote learning has led to significant learning loss & mental health issues in our kids. We need to ensure that proper resources are getting where they belong — directly into our classrooms!